Shark Liver Oil which is extracted from Dog shark is highly rich in Vitamin A. This brownish yellow, fishy smelled liquid can be used as pharmaceutical purpose, veterinary care, poultry and farm feeds. Shark liver oil has been used to treat quite a lot medical conditions.

PRODUCT DATA  SHEET Shilkom Corporation
Supplier NameShilkom Corporation
Product NameSQUALENE Oil
Product CodeSQL – 80
Chemical FormulaC30H50 [Hexamethyl Tetracosa Hexane]
Molecular Weight410.72 g/mol
CAS No111-02-4
SourceDeep Sea Shark Liver Oil
AppearanceColour and AppearancePale Yellow liquid
OdourCharacteristic Odour
Chemical / Physical AnalysisSpecific Gravity0.89- 0.92 g/cc
Refractive Index at 25℃1.480 – 1.490
Squalene Content75 – 85 %
Acid valueMax 2 mg KOH/g
Iodine value200 – 250 I / 100g
Peroxide valuemax 5 meq/kg
MicrobiologyTotal Plate Count(CFU/GM)Less than 1000
Yeast & Moulds(CFU/GM)Less than 300
MetalsLead (Pb)max 2 ppm
Mercury (Hg)max 2 ppm
Cadmium (Cd)max2 ppm
Arsenic (As)max 2 ppm
Dioxins, furan and dioxin – like PCB’smax 10 pq/g
Storage : Keep closed in sealed containers protect from light, air, heat and moisture.
Shelf Life : 24 Months. Shelf Life is guaranteed, if the product is stored unopened in original closed containers protected from heat and light.
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