Shilkom Corp, is committed to providing its customers with sustainable wild-caught and farm- raised Shark liver oil products. Shilkom is also committed to being a responsible company by using its Shark liver oil sourcing and marketing role to support Fishing Community and provide practices needed to produce sustainable Oil.

Shilkom Corporation believes that the sustainability of Deep shark is the result of the process of understanding, monitoring and managing the ecosystem impacts of capture fisheries and aquaculture. Fisheries and fish farming are both dynamic and change can either be negative, short-sighted and unsustainable, or positive in achieving long-term sustainability while meeting a growing global demand for sequaline .

For this reason, a responsible company must remain vigilant to changes in fisheries and fish farming practices, and respond in a responsible manner to provide customers and consumers with sustainable fish oil . Due to the dynamic nature of fisheries and aquaculture,.

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